Two Questions about PTTP – Conditioning & Diet – Pavel?

I plan on rotating 12 week cycles of ROP and PTTP. In my PTTP cycle I aim to do do PTTP deadlifts 5 days a week, with GTG handstand work (presses, stands, etc).

1) For conditioning, I had intended to ride my bicycle for 20-40mins, 3-5 days a week. Is that party-approved? I thought that this was a safe bet given that its a low volume program, that Pavel describe doing PTTP alongside other work/conditioning such as martial art training (in the PTTP book itself), and in the FAQ of the ETK, Pavel recommends a sprint program that is 17mins long, at least 3 times a week. However, this article, suggests 1-2minss swings 5 days a week, and warns against long running sessions. which made me think I should potentially reconsider my ideas. Let me know what you think people.

2) In the PTTP cycle, I plan on losing fat (in ROP I plan on having a calorific surplus to take advantage of the potential hypertrophy caused by the high volume training). Thus, I plan on running a calorific deficit in the PTTP cycle, as well as potentially burning some more calories through the cardio mentioned above. My question is, can one still make strength gains during PTTP whilst on a mild (500cals tops) calorific deficit (I thought it possible given that the schedule works your neurological adapters more than your muscle)?

Thanks in advance.