Turkish Get-Up: Full Body Workout

There is more to kettlebell workouts than just swings, snatches and military presses. If you want to try something that will work your entire body and kick your butt, try the kettlebell Turkish Get-Up.

Caveat: Be VERY careful with this exercise because for the majority of it the kettlebell is above your head while you are balancing it from a precarious position. I am not responsible for anyone dropping it on their head or other body parts!! (I didn't invent this exercise.)

Here's how you do them:
- Lie down on the floor (preferably on a rug, rubberized or carpeted surface) with your hands at your sides and a kettlebell within grip reach of one of them.
- Grip the handle underhanded, as if you were going to curl it it.
- Curl it upwards so that your lower arm is now pointing upward, holding the kettlebell.
- Now press the kettlebell towards the sky, rotating your hand towards you so that you end up in what feels like a one-armed bench press position.
- Using your kettlebell arm, start to lean over to the side of your free hand by shifting the KB slowly over to that side above you.
- Lean over far enough that you can now get up on your free-hand's elbow.
- Pop up on your free hand side from elbow on the floor to hand on the ground with your arm straight/stiff.
- Start to stand up by getting one knee on the floor, and the other foot planted.
- Now push upwards with your legs, keeping the kettlebell above your head the entire time.
- Once you're standing, reverse the process to end up back on the floor on your back.
Do a few reps on one side and then on the other and I guarantee you'll feel like you did something. :-)

I highly recommend that you first try this without a kettlebell, just going through the motions, and then with a fairly light weight to get a sense of how to balance something above your head.