the amazing shoulder – part 1 – scapula/shoulder girdle.

The shoulder is an amazing area of the body.
Given the number of injuries that occur around the shoulder, thought it might be nice to take a look at how it works.

And when you look at it, it’s pretty weird and wonderful. So much so, there’s two posts coming up about it.

The first one found here at begin2dig is about the scapula and shoulder girdle – the muscles that move the scap.

The scapula bone is absolutely fascinating – flat, two faced, with weird projections that are so key to so much, and then it’s got this third face/edge that has the socket for the arm.

The main take away from this post on the girdle is that the movement of the scapula from depression to horizontal abduction is what let’s us reach the range of motion that we get when all is working well. this remarkable guy-wired-in bone with its rigging points and socket for the arm is just wild, it does so much, and there’s so much pulling on it in so many directions.

The second article will be about the big muscles like the lats that really aren’t back muscles – they’re just attached there to support the shoulder. amazing, eh?