RTK, the power of double kettlebell drills!

I own and have read every book Pavel has ever written and Return Of The Kettlebell is the latest one I’ve had the pleasure of.

A couple of the points Pavel made really surprised me.

1) that double Kbell front squats with a pair of 88′s were enough for a world record holding super heavy weight powerlifter.

2) that the double snatch was a tremendous shoulder builder

Now the second one was easier to justify for obvious reasons but i’ve always been of the impression that if you’re feeling the snatch too much in your delts then you’re doing it wrong. . . but then again I’d never done double snatches before!!

If you are going heavy enough on these (and I was) I don’t care how hard you drive with the hips, after 8 to 10 reps your delts are on fire and fighting to stabilize the weight!

I did 5×10 and felt every single muscle that was involved as if it was only aimed at that area!!

I’m officially addicted to these now.

As for the front squat, i’m stong at pistols and have a background as a competitive powerlifer so in all honesty I always shunned Kbell front squats deeming them too light and too easy.

But with my up coming RKC certification looming I thought i’d do a few because its one of the big six, not giving it much thought or respect to be honest.

BIG mistake, lol, WOW! Weird feeling to these. I went as heavy as was available thinking it would still be too light, I did 5×10. The best way I can describe it is they felt light from the waist down, but heavy as hell from the waist up!

Today I woke up and was surprised to find I could hardly sit up out of bed, my entire waist, especially my abs, were destoryed LOL!

Has anybody else here had a similar experience with these?

You can see how both exercises would be excellent moves for strongmen and MMA competitors.

Its also given me a deeper perspective on just how insanely strong Steve Cotters legs and waist must be to have done a single leg front squat with double 32′s!!

Thanks for reading.