Rehab for a shoulder…

I’m still pretty new to KB training, I went to see a RKC by the name of Rick Huse. He is an excellent instructor, very patient and his guidance has stuck with me and I stay true to them just wish atm I could afford to make another appointment , maybe in the future.

Here is my question for my shoulder.

About 10 or so years ago I temporarily dislocated my right shoulder, as a numb headed teen I punched a guy too hard the wrong way with a loose shoulder and I felt the ball pop out of socket and then back in. Needless to say I was on the floor holding my shoulder accompanied by a doc visit to be sent home with nothing but a shrug, I have regrettedthat mistake ever since. I have learned that by doing half get up’s (I mostly do them with my 35 pounder, not sure using my 53 would be wise), I do them slow and paying attention to technique as much as possible. Reason for not doing the full turkish get up is that Rick instructed me that he would have to work with me closely and with either no weight of a very light weight for the full get up, as my lack of technique through the second half needs a lot of work. I find that by doing only the first half of the movement ie "Press the bell and move onto the supporting elbow and hold then reverse the movement".

It seems to do well for my shoulder, and I am wondering if this would be approved of by Rick and other RKC. And also if there are other means to rehab it, as most likely it is a rotator cuff. Hurts like a banshee during this cold weather were having in Indiana though not while working my bells though or other weight, I had put down my bell for the holidays (foolish mistake!). I have not worked on my military or other presses except PTP bench for fear of a weakness that I need to mend with the proper movements, not wanting to cause more harm that good with my penchant for heavy presses now and then. If I missed any details feel free to ask, just want to rehab this ache from cold weather and be able to pick back up with confidence as it is killing me looking at the iron and not playing.

Thank you!:D