PM Swings and overspeed eccentric swings

Hi all!

Have recently seriously started sticking to a PM routine with a 16kg bell, as follows:

Mon and Fri: swings.
Wed and Sat: getups
Wed: Hard 1.5 mile run
Sun: Easy variable distance run.

I do 12 mins and 30 secs for swings, alternating 30s of swings with 30s of rest, for a total of 13 sets of swings.

Qn 1:
Is it ok if I mix up the type of swings I do in PM? I swop about a lot between normal pace double handed (for "rest"), hand to hand (DARC right?) and attempted overspeed eccentric double-handed swings.

Why I say "attempted" is that it doesn’t seem much faster despite my maximum effort. At a normal pace, I manage about 19 swings in 30s. At max effort for OE, I got about 23 swings, and slightly more winded.

So, Qn 2:
Is my swing rate ok for OE?

So far the worst part of this program is the Wednesday run, ‘cos I suck at it. Trying to slash my 2.4 km (1.5 mile) timing to 9:40 from 11:00.

Qn 3:
For my above goal, besides running more, which would be more helpful – doing more swings with the same bell (perhaps differently or for longer?) or getting a heavier bell?

Thanks for reading/commenting!