Pavel’s delorme program

In his great book Pavel talks about the Russian soldiers who developed larger than regulation size physigues using just the 1, 1.5, and 2 pood kettlebells dispite all the anti growth situations they were in (improper nutrition, lack off sleep, etc) I am currious as to what they did for their workouts. Obviously C&P’s, snatches, and swings, but did they do any squat type movements with the bells or was it mainly just a PTTP type of push and pull. Also, did they use singles or double bells.
As I decided to relegate myself to my little "courage corner" (litterally, room enough for a bench and just a deadlift bar and thats it) in the basement for the winter, I decided to revisit Pavel’s delorme program, stick with it, and build alil muscle these few winter months. As annoying as I found it to put the weights on and off the first time I tried it, I will just bite the bullet and suck it up. This isn’t a post about what can I add, what can I change, or whatever I read the book (a few times) and know what is to be done and know better than to argue with Pavel (who knows a hell of alot more than I do) This post is just for the questions outlined in the beginning and to let whoever cares know what I will be doing for the next couple months (maybe more who knows)