Official Dr. Ed Thomas Indian Clubs certification workshop now open

Official Dr. Ed Thomas Indian Clubs certification workshop now open

For complete details and to register click here now: Certified Indian Club Specialist Workshop Saturday April 17 – Sunday April 18, 2010

Dr. Ed Thomas is undoubtedly the U.S. Army’s top physical readiness training expert. He has inspired a paradigm shift that will benefit our soldiers for years to come.”—Lt. Col. William Rieger, Commandant, U.S. Army Physical Fitness School, Fort Benning, Georgia


The first-ever official instructor certification workshop for Indian Clubs

A Dragon Door exclusive taught by the modern-day champion and pioneer of Indian Clubs, Dr. Ed Thomas

The Certified Indian Club Specialist (CICS) Workshop

Register by midnight PST, January 29th and
save $300.00 on your investment

Like the Kettlebell, the ancient Club was a once-prized exercise tool that fell on hard times. Once a favored training device of royalty, military, elite athletes and enthusiastic amateurs alike, the club became relegated, by the 1930s, to dusty attics, damp basements and the moldy memories of old-school fitness diehards.
In its final, most refined incarnation, the Indian Club had been developed, in turn, by British, German and American military and civilian experts into a highly sophisticated system of restorative health drills. The unique circular weight lifting movements of the Indian Club were considered to promote not only greater overall strength and flexibility but to act as a magnificent “neural tune-up” for the whole body. Sadly, as the exercise community changed its focus, the Indian Club—and its myriad of health benefits—all but disappeared. Just like the kettlebell.

Dr. Ed Thomas began learning the warrior-based German Turnvereine method of functional Indian Club skills in the early-1950’s at around the age of eight. He later studied classical club swinging for nine months in Burma, and has learned from other teachers of this ancient art in the United States, Germany and South Korea. After many years of study and practice, Dr. Thomas began teaching his university students in the 1980’s. Throughout the 1990’s, he included Indian Clubs in the physical readiness training doctrine he developed for the United States Army.
Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Thomas, there has been a resurgence of interest amongst high-level athletes, coaches and trainers in the multiple benefits of the Indian Club. After Dr. Thomas’s success in introducing circular weight training to the military, UFC fighters and a host of competitive sports athletes, the demand has grown for Dr. Thomas to pass on his system to a group of qualified instructors.

Thanks to its history of creating the world’s first-ever kettlebell instructor certification system, the RKC, followed by its groundbreaking CK-FMS certification with Gray Cook, Dragon Door was awarded the honor of creating the world’s first official instructor certification workshop for the Indian Club. We are proud that Dr. Thomas has agreed to help us create a powerful team of functional Indian Club instructors.

“Dr. Ed Thomas is a gifted teacher and world-class physical educator who recognized many years ago the power of training concepts that are cutting edge today.”—Jeremy Levine, Former human performance advisor to the U.S. Navy SEALS

To guarantee the highest possible skill level for the CICS, Dr. Thomas has requested that as a prerequisite all registrants be certified RKCs.

Those who qualify for this exclusive training will discover, for themselves and their future clients how the Indian Club:

Restores Health, Enhances Vigor, Removes Pain, Ignites Energy—and Enhances Athletic Performance

·Helps lubricate, strengthen and heal the joints
·Restores shoulder girdle efficiency and mobility
·Develops coordination
·Strengthens back and shoulders
·Improves elbow and wrist flexibility
·Enhances range of motion
·Helps cultivate smooth, efficient movement
·Enhances brain function
·Enhances neural efficiency
·Helps you be a better fighter, golfer, swimmer— or tennis, basketball, football, baseball, softball player, to name just a few…

In the course of two full days, Dr. Thomas will drill CICS candidates intensively in the most crucial of the Indian Club drills and help refine each candidate’s movement skills. In addition Dr. Thomas will give detailed instruction on how to teach Indian Clubs to others in both private and group settings.

A detailed curriculum and schedule will be made available at the workshop itself.

“With over 40 professional fights I’ve had to deal with a number of injuries including a partial rotator cuff tear, a jammed shoulder and cartilage damage. I went through extensive rehabilitation with limited success. Since using the clubs on a regular basis, my shoulder now feels solid and 100%. Indian Club Exercises are now a necessary part of Miletich Fighting Systems. Not only for me, but all our fighters.”—Paul Miletich, 5-time Ultimate Fighting World Champion

Blue Man Group is a fun and intense show to perform in. The drumming style we use is big and physical. I find the Indian Clubs to be an amazing tool to strengthen and lengthen my muscles, joints, and tendons. Whether I’m just warming up before a performance, warming down after a performance, or doing some more intense strength building exercises with heavier clubs, I never feel any excess strain from the clubs.”—Kalen Allmandinger, Blue Man Group

Register by midnight PST, January 29th and
save $300.00 on your investment