3 minute kettlebell rounds

I found a site (www.sportsci.org/news/news9709/hatfield.html) that details how Hatfield trained Evander Holyfield. One portion of his training involved three-minute “rounds” of cardio drills with one-minute rest between rounds. Tonight I applied this to my kettlebell workout. Some rounds were longer than three minutes (if I was in the middle of a ladder, I just kept going).

Round 1: 101 two arm swings (this got things heated up nicely!), 3 min
Round 2: 50 step-ups on 16″ box with 15 lb dumbbells, (not very intense), 3 min
Round 3: one arm snatch alternating arms 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 (this may have been 4 min or so, I forgot to set the timer and just kept going)
Round 4: clean & jerk alternating arms 10, 8. 3 min
Round 5: 50 step ups holding 25 lb dumbbells (still not very intense) 3 min.
Round 6: 4 sets of Dano’s ladder of death (somewhere between 3 & 4 min)

This took about 2

5-27 min. it was quite intense except for the steps ups. Sprints and such may work better.