One super-strong person's kettlebell routine

I just thought I would post this for anyone who cares to look:

All workouts are done in 20 minutes and rest periods are kept to around 60 seconds.

Workout 1:
- C&J or cleans, jerks separately
- 2 forward/one back chins w/eagle loops
- Between the leg pass: I do a set with each arm if using one kettlebell then move to the next movement after rest period.

Workout 2:
- Stair walk with two 24kg kettlebells(flight of around 40 stairs, down and up is one set)
- High-rep snatches
- Repeat

I vary what I do in each workout along w/reps and sets. Sometimes I do two arm C&J, jerks, cleans, sometimes with only one kettlebell. Of couse heavy ab work is included afterwords.

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