Opinions on one kettle bell routine

I've refined my routine and I thought I'd get some opinions on it. I've been doing it for about a week and I'm starting to enjoy the daily punishment. I can feel improvement every day (especially in my aerobic capacity). Here it is…

Warm-up (16 kg kettle bell):
- 1X8 One Arm Swings
- 1X5 Front Squat or 1X5 Overhead Squat

Workout (24 kg kettle bell):
- 3 sets Clean & Push Press (1 clean followed by 8 push presses)
- 5X15-20 Snatches
- 3 sets Between the leg passes (30 seconds, rest 10 seconds and repeat)
- ?X10 Squat Thrust
- 3X5 Jandas or 3X5 Evil Wheel

- All sets and reps are per arm
- No more than one minute rest between sets (I try to keep it at 15-30 seconds)
- 2-5 minutes between exercises
- Alternate front and overhead squat every day
- The warm up is meant to be easy, just to get the soreness out from the day before. You'll need your energy for the rest of the workout.
- The squat thrusts are a finisher. They don’t have to be done every day, but do them if you want to get really evil on yourself. :) Add dumbbells in your hands for some extra resistance.