Kettlebell routine for wrestling

I've purchased the tape and I love it, and I believe I have a decent routine down:

- Good Mornings
- Under the leg pass, 3×10
- Snatches, 10×1-10 for each arm. I have an adjustable kettlebell so once I go to a heavier one I can work up to higher reps and vary the difficulty.

- Heavy Two Arm Swing, 3×5-10
- Military Press, 3×1-5 (i'll use other forms of this once a weight gets tough)
- Side Press, 3×1-5
- Good Mornings
- Under the leg pass, 3×10

How is that for a wrestler? Also, since I have an adjustable kettlebell, should I keep track of the lifts and change the weight for the individual movements, or just use the same weight for all the movements?

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