Military press ladder routine questions

Kettlebell progress report, day 4: So far I am happy as hell I bought these things. I believe they are the best conditioning tool out there.

Saturday and Sunday I did swings & snatches. I started out pretty easy because I didn't want to over do it. After 10 minutes I was sweating and panting.

My workout looks like this, 7 days/week:

1st day – Presses (MP, YP, PP, 2F1B, etc.) no BtP yet
2nd day – Snatches (alternating set between 16kg and 24kg kettlebells
Weekends – Swings and snatches.

Yesterday I did presses in the morning for about 15 minutes. Several sets of 5 reps for each type of press. Later I searched through and read all back articles on kettlebells on the Dragondoor forum and I decided that the ladder method would work better for my goals (endurance). I went home last night and did Military Press ladders for each arm and I got an AWESOME workout.

Since I want my workouts to be even more evil than usual, I plan on working out twice a day, morning and night. "Grease the Groove" pullups throughout the day and ladder pistols on my pressing days.

Question: Can I do the other presses after Military Press ladders? i.e. YP, PP, 2F1B etc., or is that overtraining?

I know I should start out with Military Press ladders every other day, but eventually I want to do them twice a day. Is this possible?

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