One woman's kettlebell experience

I ordered Pavel's kettlebell book book the beginning of June. Since the 16kg kettlebell would be too heavy, I made a homemade kettlebell using a canvas bag filled with soft ankle and wrist weights, duct taped it closed and added a handle taken from an elastic band exerciser gizmo I never use.

I started out real easy, just going through each exercise and concentrating on proper technique. I try to do the workout at least 3 times a week. The first week, even though I thought I was going easy, I was really tired and sore. My lower back also bothered me a little so I don't bring the kettlebell up as far when doing snatches and I concentrate on holding my midsection tight during the top of the movement (great ab workout).

I want to lose body fat so am concentrating on high rep snatches. I do anywhere from 100-160 snatches per workout and am increasing every week. I work in other exercises concentrating on different movements/body parts each workout – pressing movements, legs, pullups, etc. I can now do 20 snatches at a time with my KB fairly easily and am going to make it heavier. Each workout only lasts from 15-30 minutes.

I haven't lost as much weight as I'd hoped probably because my workouts aren't long enough yet but have noticed an overall increase in stamina. Also, the chronic pain caused by two herniated disks in my upper back seems to be less than before starting this program.

I plan on continuing the kettlebell workout through the summer and then perhaps going to a kettlebell/PTP [Power to the People] cycle in the fall. I am 42, blessed with natural strength for my gender/age but can't seem to lose that last 10lbs. Right now I am about 23% bodyfat but would like to get under 20%. I used to run alot which helps me lose fat, but three knee surgeries have now made running very painful. Other than kettlebell workouts, I also walk (fast) a least 4 times a week and participate in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu once a week.

Any advice on helping lose body fat would be appreciated. I try to eat a diet high in protien and low glycemic carbs.
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