U.S. Army Handbook Includes Kettlebell Exercises

The new US Army Small Unit Operations in Afghanistan Handbook, CALL publication 09-37, features duffle bag get-ups and swings, the Enter the Kettlebell! Program Minimum exercises.

Pavel Tsatsouline got a letter from one of our special operators in Iraq, near Fallujah:

“Pavel, this is a photo from my “courage corner” here in Iraq. ETK presses, pullups, swings, and snatches get done here nightly. I have found that your Enter the Kettlebell! program works as a great training base, it leaves the operator with just the right amount of strength and conditioning training while still being fresh enough to get the job done on ops. Add in some runs and lower volume but heavier weight stuff on the variety days and its as well rounded as a program could get. Thanks for supporting the fighting man.”

Photos courtesy anonymous US serviceman

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