Starting with Kettlebells: Which Size and Book or DVD?

Hello everyone. I've lurked around here (the Dragondoor Forum) for the past few weeks and now have some questions I need answered before I spend some hard earned cash.

I already have the Power to the People book and Relax into Stretch. These books have taught me alot about fitness and where I need to be and how to get there. I have weight trained in the past and have a full set of Olympic weights and a bench. I'm not in great shape but I'm not totally out of shape either. Here is what i need help with on my purchase:

I plan to get some kettlebells for my wife and me (one for each of us). The 35lb kettlebell is recomended for men and the 18lb for woman. Does everyone agree with that? I went out into the garage and picked up one of my 35lb Olympic plates with one hand and it seemed like it would be heavy enough.

Next is the books or video. I plan to get the Russian Kettlebell Challenge book. Will this work for both of us? I know there is a book for women only but im trying to save money here. I figure the exercises are close to being the same. If you could just purchase one, would it be the book or video?

Any recomendations you can make will be greatly appeciated. Thanks in advance for your time and input.