"Enter The Kettlebell" – The NEW KB Foundation Book

Pavel has just released both book and DVD versions of his brand new Enter The Kettlebell. This is meant to be an update and replacement of the now classic Russian Kettlebell Challenge, which is now 5 years old.

Kettlebell training has exploded in that time and with the advent of certified instructors, much new information and training expertise has appeared on the horizon. Enter The Kettlebell incorporates this new information in a easy to follow way for both those new to KB training as well as those who are "vets".

As a bonus, if you order before midnight PDT, Friday, May 26 Dragondoor.com is offering a Special One-Time Only Introductory Price: $24.95 for the DVD and $29.95 for the book.

Click on either image below for more information or to order.

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