Kettlebell Workout Ideas

Finding that perfect kettlebells workout can be an arduous task, but you don't have to come to the fight unarmed. Kettlebells is a great form of extreme physical conditioning, and there are quite a number of exercises available to bring about almost any result you can imagine. The trick is finding the right combination of ideas suited particularly to you and your needs. There is no "one size fits all" workout routine, so let's look at a few ideas to help you formulate the right combination for you.

Kettlebells training is best used as a total body, or core conditioning program. Toward that end, you'll want to make sure you craft a program that delivers a whole body workout. For core conditioning, some of the exercises that deliver great results in this area would include almost any of the swings, one or two armed, windmills, cleans and snatches. Some of these are more advanced and require more than a little strength and skill to perform correctly, so be sure you are using proper technique and have gotten good instruction or have a workout partner on hand to spot and/or help you until you're more experienced.

Some of the best exercise to include for your shoulders would be the military press, kettlebell clean and jerk, and seesaw presses.

For your quads, exercises like one arm overhead squats, most any other squats, kettlebell split snatches and split jerks, and full kettlebell front squats.
For the hamstrings, try to incorporate cleans, swings, snatches, and dead lifts.
To exercise the lats, use renegade rows, alternating kettlebell rows, one and two arm kettlebell rows.
For your chest, do different variations of floor presses.
For your abdominals, do windmills, figure 8's, pass between the legs, Turkish Get-ups.
For your lower back employ dead lifts.

Of course you don't have to do all of these, these are merely suggestions for exercises to look into and use for constructing the best routine for you. Take the time to build up, especially if you're new to kettlebells. The last thing you want to do is to go too fast and either hurt yourself or burn out on the program altogether. Take your time and learn the best exercises for you, and just how you should do them.

Whichever combination of these you use be sure to use good technique, training with a partner if possible, as this will make it easy for the two of you to push yourselves to greater accomplishments, and will greatly enhance safety.

Find a safe place to work out, far away form anything breakable, especially small children. Kettlebells are a mite unforgiving.

And finally, make sure to incorporate some fun into your training. Change up the routine once in a while, make it interesting. Anything to avoid letting drudgery creep into your workout to spoil the fun!