Kettlebell Training And Your Diet

While kettlebells themselves may will make a huge impact on your overall physical conditioning and physique, diet plays an important part in determining just how healthy you come out on the other end of this training. While most of us are very tired of hearing about the latest fad diet that may or may not provide the answers we seek, I believe the real long lasting solutions come in a more natural, sensible approach to diet and nutrition, and how that can help us achieve not only success in our kettlebell training, but also in our over health and fitness. Let’s examine some of the ways this can apply.

I think most if us would agree that kettlebells resemble a more “native” approach to physical conditioning, one that would have been employed by our long-gone ancestors had the had the need to do this. However their time was taken up by having to do this type of physical labor in earnest to survive. Moving that stack of rocks to construct a shelter, and so on. Kettlebells mimic that kind of core conditioning and strength. So why should we get so extreme when it comes to diet? For fast, short term solutions, a particular diet may bring a desired result, though that result may not last.

My take on this is that if we eat a balanced diet, filled with as much natural and unprocessed foods as we can find, we will not stray far from the path that nature intended. For each individual the amounts and number of times we eat during the day is going to vary, and we should be aware of this.

Here are some of the guidelines I follow, and you can use these as tips or fodder for further thought on your own diet plan. I totally ignore the government’s “food pyramid”. In fact, I invert it. They’ve got it totally backwards in my view. Research has shown that excessive carbs raises the blood sugar and are converted to simple sugars, not the building blocks of muscle and strength that we seek. While I do use sweets and some fats sparingly, the core of our diet needs to be meats, fruits and vegetables, with either end of this pyramid de-emphasized. This will give us the best chance at using these foods as the core builders that they are intended to be.

I mean, think about it. Did our early ancestors have latest soy shake and count on it to survive? No, the answer lies in staying as natural as you can, and avoiding fast foods and other processed foods like the plague. (Because they are!)

One of the sources I respect for nutrition and fitness is Dr. Al Sears. (Do a Google search, and you’ll find plenty to read) Combine this knowledge and use more common sense than fad and soon you’ll have developed your own diet plan that will not only keep your weight where it needs to be, but also promote the best possible fitness you can achieve!