Kettlebell Training and Weight Loss

Kettlebell training can be a fantastically effective way to not only gain the type of fitness we’re looking for, but also a marvelous way to lose unwanted weight. Kettlebells are a very strenuous form of total body workout, and if you combine this type of physical conditioning regimen with a sensible eating plan, you won’t be able to NOT lose weight! Let’s take a look at some of the things we need to keep in mind when we set about to lose weight using kettlebell workouts.

First of all, set yourself a goal and write it down! Studies show that less than 3% of us actually write down our goals, but when we do, we are far more likely to achieve them. Take stock of where you are just now, and where you’d like to end up. If you are seriously overweight or have not attempted this type of extreme training before, you be doing yourself a favor by visiting your doctor first, but once cleared, begin!

Make sure you do this type of training at least three times a week. Some people like to train 5-6 days, using different exercises to work different muscle groups. This is fine and you may want to get there eventually, for that will increase the cardio work you’ll be getting and rev up the metabolic machine even higher, thus hastening the process, but at first be sure to have a routine that you will stick to. An abandoned kettlebell routine will not help you lose much weight at all!

Make sure to craft not only a challenging workout routine, but a sensible food plan as well. Eat plenty of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and watch those simple carbs. Everyone is different, and your food plan won’t look like mine, but just be sure to make sure this will be a plan you can stick with for some time. Some people who dive into this type of training go for an extreme diet plan, and while this may yield short term results, you may have difficulty sustaining the process.

Some of the more popular kettlebell workouts for weight loss include exercises like cleans and snatches, Turkish Get-ups, most any of the swings, (especially these!) and windmills. Some of these may be difficult for a beginner, so make sure you have an instructor or workout partner with you to not only maintain proper form but to minimize the chances you’ll hurt yourself. Kettlebells exercises for weight loss are best performed with heavy weights, low reps, in several sets, with an active rest between sets. An active rest can be as little as walking or jogging in place, or as active as jumping rope. You’ll soon see what you can handle.

Kettlebells can be a terrific tool for weight loss. Just be sure to combine them with
a sane eating plan and a set of written down goals, and you’ll soon be amazed at the kind
of results you be seeing! Or not seeing, as in the extra weight!