Using swings to move to a heavier kettlebell

My wife asked what it was I do with kettlebells. I offered to demonstrate, and showed her Swings, Snatches, the Clean & Jerk, Windmills, and Sidepress. I told her that Swings are a core movement, and suggested she give them a try.

I explained correct form to her as I understand it and I also suggested that she start with the kettlebell at a dead hang, and keep the swing amplitude very low. The power for the swing should come from the snap of thrusting the hips forward. Arms should swing freely. She tried it and was impressed, and she now puts in 40 or so Swings before her stairmaster workout.

I see the high-rep low-amplitude Swing as the kettle bell health lift. It's a good way to transition to a heavier kettle bell. Start with high reps at very low amplitude, and increaase amplitude over time.

Try using resonance to get a kettlebell swinging. It's like using a playground swing or a pendulum… Using small forces at correct times, you can swing even a very heavy mass suspended on a cable. The kettlebell is the mass and your arms are the cables.

I think using resonance to get started increases safety, which is always important.