Russian Kettlebell Quick-Start Kit

Recently came out with a package deal: The Russian Kettlebell Quick-Start Kit. It is available in different versions for men and women, and for the ladies it's available with three different kettlebell sizes depending on your current fitness level.

For men, the kit comes with a 36 lb kettlebell and both the book and DVD versions of Pavel Tsatsouline's excellent The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. For women, the kit includes the From Russia With Tough Love book and video (or DVD) and either a 9, 18, or 26 lb kettlebell.

Both of these kits are an excellent way to get into working out with kettlebells. Ideally when starting out you really need to have both the book and the DVD. The reason is that the book(s) have a ton of reference material, explaining the nuances of each movement, what parts of the body are affected and tons of other information to help you master the exercises. With the video version of the books you get to see how each exercise is performed. There really is no substitute to watching Pavel perform each movement… it's extremely helpful to see it done and clarifies things that might not be obvious just from reading and looking at static images in the books.

My wife can attest to the effectiveness of the "Tough Love" book, which is geared towards women and I can tell you that the "RKC" is the core, foundational work on kettlebell lifting.

For more information or to order a kit, click on the banner below.
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