Review: Russian Kettlebell Challenge Video

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge is a solidly produced if low tech instructional videotape on kettlebell lifting. As I have not had a chance to try the techniques, I will thus limit my reveiew to the packaging of the tape (there are plenty of testimonials as to the efficiency of these lifts).

I would have liked more angles, especially in the bent presses section, as Pavel's dark pants make it a bit hard to judge what's where in relation to what, and I had to refer to RIS (Relax into Stretch) to figure out the angle of the waist bend. Perhaps some slow motion or graphics to get a full understanding of the vectors involved in the hip action of the lifts.

Generally, it has made me more convinced that the tape medium is good for aerobics and other "workouts" but serious exercise programs should be published on DVD [Russian Kettlebell Challenge is now available on DVD ed.], or CDROM, as the rewinding and pausing with tapes to figure out techniques is kind of a hassle, and it's linear nature forces detail to a minimum. If you want to get into kettle bells, though, this tape is a must, as some subtleties of the movements would be hard to figure out from the upcoming book.

The presentation by Pavel Tsatsouline is concise to the edge of bluntness, but still manages to be highly entertaining, and I believe it is worth the price of the tape just to hear him say "evil"! This tape is as good as the medium allows, and while it has made me wish for more efficient solutions like DVD or CDROM book-video convergence, it has also motivated me to try out kettlebell lifting, as will happen anytime you see someone easily do something that would crush you like a bug (the larger kettle bell he effortlessly flings around weighs 97 pounds!) while explaining how you can get to do it too!

High points: Well produced source of information on an intriging and apparently highly effective fitness tool, entertaining and articulate presentation.

Low points: A bit short, I would have liked more detail and more angles and other enhancements to aid in full comprehension of the movements.

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