Kettlebell Snatch Plateau: Breaking Through To The Next Level

At any Russian Kettlebell Certification course the typical failure rate is 20-35%. One of the main reasons for failure is not being able to pass the kettlebell snatch test. The following snatch variation (which is popular in Russia) may just be the thing to help you get bust out of your snatch plateau and hit the required number.

The technique is as follows:
1. Snatch the kettlebell.
2. Walk a few steps while still holding the kettlebell overhead.
3. Snatch again, walk again.
4. Lather, rinse and repeat until tired and your arm gives out.
5. Switch to the other arm and repeat.

Work up to the point where you can do five sets per arm.

This should be done once a week. Work on other types of snatches on your other training days.

This drill helps you develop a flexible, solid lockout that will enable you to rest between reps.