Kettlebell first impressions

Got a 16 kg kettle bell yesterday… here are some first impressions:

It feels somewhat heavier than a dumbell of the same weight. The arrival timing was perfect since I just had finished a PTP [Power to the People] cycle. As per Pavel's advice, I eased into kettlebell work: 2X10 two hand swings, 2X10 one hand swings on each side, 2X6 cleans on each side, 2X4 bent press each side, along with ladders of chins and pistols. Plenty of rest between sets, but even so my heart rate was up, and I have all the more respect for those comrades who manhandle heavy bells. I very much intend to join them.

It felt very different from other exercises I've done. Definitely evil. I see some heavier kettle bells in my future, but the 16 kg bell was the right start for me. I have spent more on a pair of shoes than on the kbell; the shoes are gone, the kbell looks like it will last forever. Bottom line: an excellent tool, well made, very cool.

If you're thinking about getting one and aren't totally broke, go for it.

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