Kettlebell Convention

The first ever National Kettlebell Convention is going to be held in Las Vegas from March 19th – 20th.

There will be workshops, presentations, and demonstrations covering all facets of kettlebell lifting and competition by leaders in the field. You'll be able to meet Pavel Tsatsouline, Mike Mahler, Steve Maxwelll and many other experts/trainers.

Topics covered will include:
- Applications for martial arts and sports
- Strength and conditioning
- Training for tactical strength
- Kettlebells for rehab
- Personal training
- Designing workout programs

Competitions and fun events with prizes:
Kettlebell throwing contest, Secret Service Snatch Test Challenge,
Kettlebell walking swing relay, 40 kg Hack Squat challenge, best paint-your-own-kettlebell competition, 40 kg Kettlebell pullup challenge, best kettlebell home video competition, and more.

Dinner buffet on Saturday night is included, and families are welcome. Children under 16 get free admission when accompanied by parents.

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