Kettlebells, Bodybuilding and Physical Appearance

It's probably obvious that different types of workouts lead to different changes in the physical appearance of your body. A marathon runner looks different from a swimmer or a boxer. I thought I would show what the difference is in the final result between working out with kettlebells and a typical bodybuilding approach.

Before I knew kettlebells existed, I used the common bodybuilding-type workout to get in shape. Up until that time, I had my greatest achievement physically using the approach from Body-for-LIFE. After a while I fell away from that and eventually discovered kettlebells and Pavel Tsatsouline's particular approach to exercise and strength training.

Since I happened to document both methods with photos, I thought this might be a good way to demonstrate how these two different methods lead to differences in physical appearance. The photo on the left was achieved through mainly kettlebell workouts and the photo on the right via traditional bodybuilding techniques.

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(Results on the left achieved using the methods taught in the Lose the Last 10 Pounds eBook.)

I was a bit leaner in the photo on the left, but I think the differences are pretty obvious. Using kettlebells I didn't have as much of a "rounded" look to my muscles as in the bodybuilding photo. KBs lead to more of a lean, tight look than the BB method.

Pick your method, pick your look.

Of course you can combine both methods and get a little of each as well.