From PttP to Bear. How, when?

Greetings all.
I’m into my 4th week of a PttP cycle, with a goal of reaching a near-double BW deadlift (I weigh approx 155, so reaching for 250-300. Before cycling back I pulled 180lbs).
The idea was to do Bear once I reached that, since I recall reading somewhere that most of us start hypertrophy training all too weak for best effect.
So to the questions:
When is it reasonable to transition into Bear, weight-wise or time-spent-under-the-bar-wise? Should I cycle in another program inbetween PttP-Bear?
Should/could a Bear cycle be structured like a regular PttP cycle, i.e 5lbs increments per workout, 8-16 workouts per cycle?
Looking forward to hear some ideas and of some of your own experiences with this :)