Clean and Jerks

I have played around with them before, but never used them in a workout. Today I did my first medium day of ROTK explosive block with a 24kg and a 28kg. I realized quickly that I would not make 5 rungs in each ladder. The weight was easy to get up, but the cleans were horrifically hard on the cardio system. I did 3 ladders of 4 rungs and 2 ladders of 3 rungs for my first long cycle clean and jerk workout for a total of 82 clean and jerks. It was very intense and I was pouring sweat like a demon. It reminded me of some of the VO2max kettlebell stuff I have done…but heavier. I have found that I enjoy fast light workouts like this that tax the cardio system. On Friday I am going for 5 ladders of 3 rungs with the 32 and the 36. In any case the clean and jerk is a worthy exercise. Now I am feeling that mildly zonked post workout feeling that an intense workout brings on…which is a good thing.